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A Brief History:

Mexico Paperworks was originally started over 10 years ago by John, simply as a helping hand to other foreigners looking for the right help and guidance when living in Mexico.  So many people were frustrated, could not get things done, could not find the right people, especially the people that they could trust to do right by them, so more and more people went to seek John’s guidance.  Within a few short years, the “just helping out people” ended up at times taking so much of John’s time that he needed to take the next step so he could help people on a much broader level.

As things grew John could not do all of this alone, which is when Gustavo, John’s partner and close friend, who achieved his degree in Accounting in Sinaloa, left Mexico’s largest bank, Banamex and his secure, Management position, to help convert the “just helping out people” into a real and reputable business, now known as Mexico Paperworks.

As things grew, Josie (John’s wife) joined the team after leaving a divisional chief position with Immigration, to help with the company and the inner workings.  With her long experience as an Immigration Agent and Chief position Josie knows her way around.  Her expertise, upbeat attitude and gentle demeanor has brought many benefits to Mexico Paperworks and its clients.

Arturo, certified accountant, who has been in high positions of some of Mexico’s most prestigious Accounting firms, has a very good track record spearheading several hotels’ accounting systems and fiscal planning, has also joined the team to represent the accounting division.

Still owned and operated by John and Gustavo, Mexico Paperworks offers a broad spectrum of services. Services and Solutions range from Immigration, Corporate and Personal Business Consulting, Accounting, Fiscal Planning, Residential and Commercial Services, Importation and Logistics, Permits of all types,  DMV and Vehicle Services, and above all, simple and honest advice on how to do things in this beautiful country.

How Mexico Paperworks Can Help:

Specializing in providing Exceptional Services for very Distinctive Individuals who want to get things done the right way, while avoiding many of the details, lost time, bureaucracies and red tape which can become quite overwhelming and simply avoidable.

Mexico is very different than in the US and other countries.  Most things within reason can be done, however the key to successfully and peacefully living and operating in Mexico is a combination of many factors, including understanding how things function here, the correct way of doing things, who you work with and who you can trust.

Mexico Paperworks is here to help make your life easier so you can further enjoy Mexico. We want to help you to do things the right way the first time, or if you already have an issue, help to correct it so you don’t have to worry and you can get on with what you should be doing, enjoying life.

We Take Pride In Serving You & In Keeping Your Trust:

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We’re here for you! Let us help you obtain Quality of Life in Mexico!

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