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Professional Accounting and Business Services and Consultations:

Our in house, professional counsel including Entrepreneurs, Lawyer and Certified Accountants provide a one stop shop for foreigners with existing companies, shell companies, sole proprietorship, from micro to large companies.  Our in depth knowledge allows us to help you to integrate the newest tax laws and regulations, according to the highest professional standards.

We can help with all of your accounting needs for your small business, company or corporation, including:

Initial Consultations
If you are looking to open a new business, we can help guide you in the best plan of moving forward, whether as a Corporation, small business, family or personal owned “Doing Business As”, etc.  Our goal is to provide you with the correct assessment for your immediate, short and long term needs, so you know the best way to start and continue to do business in Mexico.  The correct assessment in the beginning is vital so you do not have to do and pay more than what you should both short and long term, saving you time, money, and a lot of the headaches associated with the day to day operations, tax and law requirements.

One Time, Occasional, and On-Going Accountant Services
• Initial Assessments, Planning & Strategy
• Fiscal Planning
• Design of the accounts catalog
• Elaboration and implementation of initial registries, policies and conciliation
• Issuance of financial statements, simple or comparatives, against prior years and against budget
• Administration of permanent files for policies, auxiliaries and accounting books
• Elaboration of Budgets
• Tax Declarations, Monthly and Annual
• Monthly Accounting Services
• Account Revisions and cleaning
• Registrations
• Mexican IRS Interactions and Intervention
• Fiscal Mailbox Updates
• Answering Mexican IRS Requirements
• Social Security Interactions and Intervention
• Internal Audits
• Fiscal Audit Reports

Additional Business Services
• Local, State and Federal Permits
• Business Licenses & Renewals
• Vehicle Registrations and Renewals
• Immigration Assistance with Registrations, Employees, Fines, Interactions and Intervention

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